Buffalo-area dentist Todd Shatkin is a well-known face in the region. His dental office and cosmetic center have seen hundreds of patients. He has also been hit with lawsuits and investigations by the professional review board for misconduct by dental professionals. These cases have been reported, but were settled out of court. Shatkin has never faced consequences for his actions and is still allowed to perpetuate the behavior as he continues to practice dentistry.

Todd Shatkin,
DDS of Aesthetic Associates Centre Dental Implants

2500 Kensington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14226

Me Too Shatkin is dedicated to putting an end to this.

If you have any information about the unethical, depraved behavior from the Buffalo dentist Todd Shatkin, share your story here. With your help, we can prevent future mistreatment of women.

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    What did Todd Shatkin do?

    “He took my money and my dignity… he is also a greedy, cruel, condescending, scumbag with a horrific bedside manner and a God complex.” – Anonymous

    He has been accused by multiple women of misconduct. The list of his accusers include:

    • Multiple patients of the dental practice

    • A former secretary

    • An interior decorator

    • Several dental hygienists